A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Ice Punks is a single-player 3D-action battle-royale game set in a post-apocalyptic future of nuclear winter. The main feature of the game is the destructible level surface. You can blast the ice with well-crafted puck-bombs. And everyone knows the water is dangerous.

Controls: WASDLMB - Hit, RMB - Block, Shift (Hold) - sprint, G (Hold) - grenade. Sprinting heals. Also if you sprint long enough and bump into someone, you can push him forward. Right into the water.

Gameplay video:

In the year 1998, the last war has begun. As a result of multiple nuclear strikes, the climate has changed. The water level had risen, followed by a significant temperature drop. 

Remains of humanity survived in deep ice caverns. The frozen surface of planet Earth became an arena for all sorts of crazy punks and raiders.

It’s too cold to go alone. Take the hockey stick!

Linux and Mac version weren't properly tested so let us know if it works or not.

Made with Unity for #MyFirstGameJam - Winter 2020.

Game by BEREG.

Programming and game designStanislav Demchenko

3D-art and level designDmitry Kripakov

MusicKonstantin Kepke (https://soundcloud.com/konstantin-kepke, konstantin.kepke@gmail.com)

Feel free to contact us: beregfx@gmail.com

Install instructions

Download the archive, unzip it to any location and run the executable. No installation required.


IcePunks_Win.zip 200 MB
IcePunks_Linux.zip 213 MB
IcePunks_MAC.app.zip 206 MB

Development log


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I have one word to describe this game and that is: amazing.

Although the controls were a bit hard to master at times, and not always responsive it seemed, I had so much fun playing this game.

Just the idea of making the hockey pucks grenades and see the enemy fall in the water was a hilarious sight and very creative! 

To share this fun, I made a video on it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!

Looking forward to more games like this!

Thank you! Very nice and positive gameplay. Wish you and your channel all the best!

umm, how do u play this game on linux?

(1 edit)

My bad, game not opening in mac, macOS Catalina latest version, Help me Please

I made a video on the game. 🏒

i believe I found a glitch in the game while I was recording a video on it, (which isn't out as of this post of mine).

Actually quite a brilliant idea, if you managed to optimize it a good bit and continue it you could be onto something!

Thanks! We're working on it, next update will go live on the weekend. If you have any framerate issues, can you share your specs?

This was in the Linux version on an Intel i7 5960x and an nvidia 2080 ti - there were some moments were it would suddenly stutter, i presume when it's trying load new bits in.

Interesting, we'll investigate the case. Thank you!

I had lots of fun playing! Hope to see more soon!

Hey, that's was fun to watch. And you got the push-into-water mechanic! Hope you liked the game. We plan to polish combat and add multiplayer features, so hopefully, we'll see you again.

Lol yeah, I was hoping it was possible and then I did it! I'd love to check it out when multiplayer is added. 


To bad I'm on mac, gameplay looks sick!


Guess what? We just added a Mac build you can try.


Will do!

I played 3 random games from gamejam and your game was one of them it was actually so much fun :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thank you!

fun game

Thank you! It looks like you had a framerate issues during play. What is your PC's specs? Maybe we need to optimize the game more.

i7 intel gfx nivia 2g ssd e 12 ram