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It's a 3D point-n-click adventure about a tired cat who is trying to leave the planet Earth and find a new home. But first, he needs icecream.

The jam version is a short (about 10 minutes) segment of the larger (but yet imaginable) game. Due to the shortness of the game, there is no save option.

Controls: Left click to interact, Right-click to examine or cancel. You can use items from your inventory with any other interactable object or you can combine two objects in the inventory. 

The game made in one week for "Not GDC Gamejam 2020".

Writing, programming, and music by Stanislav Demchenko (BEREG). Cat model by "Scanta".

Made with Unity.

Linux and Mac builds were not tested properly. Let me know if anything is wrong with them.

Feel free to contact us: beregfx@gmail.com

Updated 5 days ago
Published 7 days ago
StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Tags3D, cats, Point & Click, quest
Average sessionA few minutes


i_need_WIN.zip 73 MB
i_need_LINUX.zip 79 MB
i_need_MAC.app.zip 74 MB

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This was really cute, I hope we get to see the cat's extraterrestrial adventures too. :) 


Hey, that was a great playthrough! Wish you and your channel all the luck!
I will expand the game in the future, so the cat will arrive at mars, take my word for it. 

Thank you for the kind words, and YES! Mars adventures! :)

I searched the entire room, just except the painting XD

I like the cat